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Massage Therapy is no longer just a luxury. The benefits of massage provide stress reduction, relaxation, and can address muscle and soft tissue issues due to injury, degenerative diseases, acute and chronic back and neck pain, and sciatica. There are several more benefits that turn around your life.

Here at “Beauty Care Pros“, our specialty is providing the best massage experience. Find out more about our couples massage combined with Aromatherapy, deep tissue, Swedish massage and other massage therapies.

Back Problems?

“Beauty Care Pros” provides relaxation & pain relief. Instant relief from your neck to back and hip pain with massage therapy. Medical Massage Services are performed to help your physical injury and to manage stress.

Massages included are:

  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Heat Therapy
  • Area specific massage as ordered by the Physician

Bodywork massages such as Swedish massages, for example, are often used to provide stress reduction, relaxation and provide a feeling of well being. A full body, warm oil bodywork massage meets those goals. We work closely with your physician to develop and implement a plan of care to meet your health needs.

Massage & Bodywork can…

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Greater energy
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce fatigue
    Increase joint flexibility
  • Promote tissue regeneration
  • Reducing scar tissue

A full body massage can be tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of specialists with expertise to ensure you find exactly what you like. Our Full Body Massage alleviates stress and tension while creating a renewed state of mind and overall well-being. We create the right atmosphere/ambiance with lamps & candles & relaxing music. We use heating/cooling to get the perfect temperature, using our top of the line massage oils.

Bridal Services

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days in your life.

Ok get ready…this is the most important day of your life! One where all eyes are on YOU! It is our makeup artists’ goal and pleasure to make you look your absolute best on your wedding day. Let our professional’s at “Beauty Care Pros” help you look and feel great on your special day.

Bridal Services Include:

  • * Bride’s Formal Hair Styling
  • * Bride’s Makeup Application
  • * Bride’s French Manicure and Pedicure

We set high standards in providing the best Bridal Makeup and Hair services for our clients with professional expertise to create any style from Modern to Vintage. Our makeup artists are highly skilled in special occasion hair and makeup with flawless application and state of the art techniques! Finding the right makeup artist for you is not always an easy task. Our artists are very well rounded with great personalities, who have mastered several techniques, and have the ability to be aware of your specific needs.

For your convenience our wedding makeup and hair artists will travel to your location, allowing you to relax, enjoy and be pampered. Our makeup artists use only top quality professional products and will produce a beautiful long lasting look for your big day. To create the perfect bridal hair style, we will always ask what your wishes are. You need to feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself. We will take into account the quality of your hair (long, short, fine, thick, curly, or straight) the head-piece you have chosen, style and neckline of your dress, size of jewelry you’ll be wearing, and other considerations.

Whether you are the princess or the glam queen of your big day, our makeup artists will transform you. Our makeup artists are very style savvy and are constantly keeping up with the latest trends in hair and makeup. To guarantee your complete satisfaction on this very special day, we recommend a trial run for your hair and makeup several weeks prior to your wedding. Our professionals will make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

The detail of Asian bridal makeup can range from very dramatic, black lined eyes with pops of red and gold for Indian brides, to a soft and more subtle look for East Asian brides. Our artists are skilled at achieving amazing beauty in any of these cultural looks.

Skincare Products

The “Beauty Care Pros” offers a full range of pharmaceutical grade skin care products. Our health and beauty professionals work with you to identify the best treatments to match your individualized skin care needs.

We have a great variety of acid products, from mild to very strong that are perfect for those with oily or dry skin, facial imperfections, or for any body concerns. Not to mention it will deal with brittle finger nails or calloused feet. Our products are excellent, the best quality, and the most.

“Beauty Care Pros” combines the worlds of advanced medical treatment and spa pampering. We focus on helping our patients understand their skin and how to treat, nourish and rejuvenate. Our approach is based on a broader diagnosis derived from each person’s unique skin physiology. Our treatments are the most advanced non-surgical, non-invasive options available. Our team of skin care specialists prescribe these unique restorative treatments to deliver younger, healthier and flawless skin.

Our skin care clinic is designed to inform, treat and get you on your way without the cost or downtime of traditional treatments. Start on the path to a newer you today. “Beauty Care Pros” is a leader in skin care analysis and sophisticated blood testing to evaluate your health and beauty needs. Furthermore, the center offers a full range of pharmaceutical grade product lines to meet specialized skin care needs.

Many of the products work well on their own to help improve your skin or treat certain skin conditions. Certain products work well when applied before or after skin procedures. We will recommend certain products to use on a regular basis, before specific procedures, or after specific procedures to help improve the results of your skin treatment.

We will make sure that our patients are on the best skincare products for their skin type. Of course we tailor these products for their goals, whether they want to address fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, acne, redness or another specific concern.


Did you know that your hands are one of the things people first notice about you?

At the “Beauty Care Pros“, we offer a range of different treatments for your hands and feet. From quick polished changes to luxurious manicures and full-line pedicures, every treatment is guaranteed to make you feel stylish, pampered and wonderful. We offer a wide selection of luxury manicure and pedicure services in our salons, including award winning nail treatments. We specialize in filing and polishing, precision nail shaping, in-fills and advanced cuticle care.

Our specialist nail care treatments include in-fills, to cover any grooves and imperfections in your nails, filing and polishing, for a smooth, shiny finish, cuticle care, to remove any dry bits of skin, precision nail shaping and an extensive range of lacquer shades and gel finishes, for vivid, long-lasting color. We offer a range of luxury pedicure treatments including massage, foot scrubs, exfoliation, moisturization and skin rejuvenation, so that your feet are left feeling pampered and perfected.

We offer an array of hand and foot treatments to soothe, soften and protect your nails. Our technicians take the time to massage your pressure points and recommend the best service for your skin. Our salon specializes in two kinds of artificial nails: acrylic and fiberglass. Our pedicure chairs are noiseless and pipe less offering the best combination of relaxation & sanitation.

We offer natural nail care, nail extensions and treatment to revive your tired, aching hands and feet. This is the perfect location to bring everyone together. Whether it is your birthday, bridal shower, a girl’s night-out, bachelorette party or corporate event, “Beauty Care Pros” is the number one salon of choice to get pampered, while celebrating your special occasion.

From quick polish changes and waxing to luxurious manicures and full-line pedicures, every treatment is guaranteed to make you feel stylish, pampered and wonderful. It is our mission to provide each client with a unique, luxurious sensory experience that is respectful to the wellbeing of the individual and of the environment.

Revitalize your senses with aromatic essential oils and lotions, custom blended just for you. Relax and enjoy quiet reflection while our licensed therapists create a truly unique and personalized service.


“Beauty Care Pros” is a full-service salon featuring comprehensive make-up application, hair styling, coloring and shampooing services.

“Beauty Care Pros” offers premium salon services to color and treat your hair. We are the no.1 professional color brand and continue to revolutionize the face of hairdressing and beauty.

Our unique in-salon treatment services also utilize breakthrough technology to help treat your specific hair needs. Explore our services which are found in the salons of the world’s greatest hairstylists.

Our services includes:

  • * Haircutting
  • * Hair Designing
  • * Formal Styling
  • * Color Design
  • * Permanent Waves

Additionally, special treatments and packages include:

  • * Shampoo & style
  • * Hair trim/men’s cut
  • * Up-do’s
  • * Bridal hair styling with veil placement
  • * Hair conditioning wrap
  • * Keratin Treatment

Our hair designers are specially trained to work with you to achieve a beautiful hairstyle and color that complements your personality as well as your lifestyle. Our team of professionals are experts at creating and executing top hairstyle trends, as well as classic elegance and styles. Our designers are all certified professionals, who have all met and completed examination requirements. Our dedicated designers have also successfully completed in-house training.

Our advantages are:

  • * We feature the newest in fashion, color and comfort.
  • * We specialize in helping our clients find non-surgical solutions to their hair loss problem.
  • * We provide you with a fashionable look you want no matter what the reason: Chemotherapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Thinning Hair etc.
  • * Our stylists are sensitive to your situation and needs.

You can trust our experts to give you the haircut you want while you chat about the scores in the big games. You’ll feel like a new man when you leave, ready to take on any challenges in your life. Contact us for your hair needs and problems at


Skin serves as a barrier to the outside world, keeping out amongst other things, sunlight, insects, and germs. It keeps in fluids such as water and blood, and holds safe minerals, vitamins, hormones, protein, and heat.

Over time sun, smoking, stress, disease, and aging alter the structure of the skin. Professional skin care maintains skin in its most healthy and attractive state.

“Beauty Care Pros” often integrates several type of skin care treatments, for example deep pore cleansing with an acne clearing or de-pigmentation treatment to give you a session that meets your goals and provides the most benefits to you.

With a wide range of rejuvenating treatments available for all skin types, we can create a tailor-made facial just for you. Our expert therapists use the latest technology and spa products, to give your skin the pampering it deserves. We offer a range of essential facials for hydration, nourishment and quick skin pick-me-ups, a selection of relaxation facials, which incorporate massage and release tension, and a range of cosmetic facials that use high-tech apparatus, all in order to produce longer lasting non-surgical effects.

If your skin care goal is deep pore cleansing, anti-aging, or maybe you just want to relax and be pampered, because of our expert selection in treatment products and focus on particular steps in the facial process, we can meet your goals. Your facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, scalp, neck and shoulder massage, and a masque, beneficial for your skin type.

Services Offered:

European Facials – Our European style facials are deep-cleansing treatments that address congested pores and dull, lackluster skin to leave you with a radiant, revitalized complexion. Our facial includes a detoxifying steam, gentle cleansing, light face and neck massage, extractions and customized treatment masks for your skin type. One of our product experts will then assist you in selecting an at-home skin care regimen to keep your skin looking its best between facials.

Facial Add-ons – Target specific skin concerns with one of our add-ons to maximize your facial.

With so many options, clients often request that we select the best treatment for their skin. We will be more than happy to recommend the most appropriate services and enhancements for you. Regardless of status, every client receives the very best in skin care, customer service and attention from our experienced and highly trained estheticians. Their expertise in skin care is reflected in the happy, glowing clients that leave our salon with exceptionally improved skin—a product of facials tailored specifically to meet their skins’ needs.

Get your skin glowing and hydrated with our rejuvenating treatment that uses all natural emollient herbs, oils, and serums to plump fine line, hydrate and replenish dry or dull, tired skin.

Body Treatment

SKIN, is not only your largest and most visible organ, it’s connected to every other system in your body — so your skin’s health influences and reflects your overall health.

Getting one of our body treatments is the perfect way to care for your skin and feel your best both physically and emotionally. “Beauty Care Pros” offer a wide range of treatments across selected salons, to make your body look and feel great. Enjoy one of our luxury body treatments for skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch.

Carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish, our body treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin.

Our body treatment deals with:

  • * WAXING
  • * ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS (hot stone massage, Indian head massage, and reflexology)

We offer you a wide array of services for your total and ‘every day’ well-being, rejuvenation and relaxation in a private and serene environment. Our services are completely customized and tailored to your individual needs. We stress the importance of maintaining wellness, caring for ourselves, and providing the highest quality services, products and personalized attention you deserve.

Restore balance, release muscle tension and increase circulation as you relax under the intuitive touch of our highly skilled and trained therapists. Enjoy the finest, certified natural and organic products. The first few minutes of the total appointment time will be spent in consultation with your spa therapist, which ensures products will be customized to your skin type, other preferences are also noted.

We offer a wide range of treatments to make your body look and feel great. Our therapeutic massage treatments focus on relaxation, sports massage and muscle tone, to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. We also have an extensive range of tanning treatments to give your body a natural looking glow. Our range of cosmetic treatments includes body scrubs, which remove dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin, and contour wraps that iron out the body’s imperfections for improved body tone.

Through the various benefits of heat and the undeniable power of touch, you’ll experience a results-oriented body treatment like never before. Every Thermal Body Therapy Treatment is customized for your skin condition, designed to target your skin’s most pressing concerns while delivering an amazing sensory experience.

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